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The Energy Institute (EIL) is a much-loved partner of the project when multidisciplinary knowledge from more than one scientific field is essential for energy-related research topics. The combination of basic disciplines allows for in-depth analysis and takes into account all aspects of forward-looking energy issues, such as power-to-gas. Subsequently, the ENERGY Institute of STORE-GO (1) has mainly worked on three dimensions of the analysis of technological optimization possibilities: learning curves, the economy of scale, new technologies/materials, alternative installation structures; (2) on the analysis of the social and public acceptability of power plants/systems in the European Union and (3) on policy recommendations for gas power systems, which focus mainly on the production of SNG. The following topics are addressed: randomized controlled studies, distortions, hypothesis testing and sample size calculation, randomization and glare, confidence intervals and p values, analysis of continuous and binary results, multiplicity, subgroup analysis, deviations from protocols and protocols, some special projects (crossover, equivalence and cluster), analysis of diagnostic studies, analysis of subgroups, deviations from protocols and protocols, some special projects (crossover, equivalence and cluster), analysis of diagnostic studies, analysis of Behavior: Thursday, 10:15 – 11:45 pm running remotely, all documents on the course olat campus Think Storyline! and presentation capabilities, March 16, 2021, 16:15 – 17:45 h, in distance learning Troia municipality is located in one of the windiest Italian regions. This is the main motivation for hosting a large part of the decentralized wind farm, not to mention the large photovoltaic installations directly connected to the electricity distribution and transmission network. Due to bottlenecks in real power grids, these renewable energy sources are experiencing significant constraints, and this is why the municipality of Troia decides to house, within its administrative limits, the INGRID demonstration facility, which aims to store energy with hydrogen, which supports the balance between the supply and supply of the local distribution network manager (ENEL), while providing excess electricity that is not consumed locally in hydrogen for later use. Troia participated in the STORE-GO project as a facility operator. They signed a maintenance and individualization contract with Hydrogenics (electroalysor) to adapt the electrolization currently available to the needs of the STORE-GO project. They hired technicians to operate the facility during the demonstration. Troia has also participated in broadcast activities. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Dissertation fact sheet in the Clinical Sciences doctoral program The assembly of members is made up of faculty members who participate in the program.