Salt 2 Was An Agreement Made Between Which Countries

Fifth common understanding. Where, after the entry into force of the Treaty, ICBM or SLBM launchers are transformed, constructed or subject to substantial changes in their main observable structural design features, such launchers, which are missile launchers equipped with MIRV, shall be distinguished from missile launchers not equipped with MIRV and launchers which are launchers; that are not equipped with MIRV; based on the design characteristics of the launchers observable outdoors. Submarines equipped with SLBM launchers equipped with MIRV shall be distinguished from submarines equipped with SLBM launchers not equipped with MIRV, based on the design characteristics of submarines observable outdoors. Second agreed declaration. If available to a Contracting Party, it shall inform the other Party in good time before testing or sending such a flight. This common understanding does not apply to target drones….