Attendance Policies and Cancellations


In order to take full advantage of the instruction offered, regular attendance is essential. If you call in advance to report an absence, a make-up lesson may be arranged. There are no refunds for missed lessons. Make-up lessons are subject to class availability and are limited to one per month. Excused classes must be made up before the end of each semester; missed make-up lessons are forfeited.  Please note that the studio opens 15 minutes before the start of the first class of the day.  You are encouraged to arrive early to prepare for class.  The studio closes promptly at the end of the last class of the evening.  If you are picking your child up, please arrive before the end time of the class and be waiting for your  child.

Weather Cancellations

In the event of severe weather, please check the website, the studio Facebook page at or call the office 845-896-1888 to determine if classes have been cancelled. Classes cancelled due to weather will be subject to available make-up classes; they will not be refunded.

 Other Notes

We are happy to reopen our upstairs lobby.  Please feel free to stop in with questions, tuition payments, or catch a glimpse of the beginning or end of your dancer’s class.  We are asking that you do not stay the whole class or use the waiting room as a play area for siblings.  Siblings may not be left unattended in waiting room.  Please note that we will no longer be bringing students downstairs at the end of class.  Students in level C and above can walk themselves up and down from class.  You will need to have someone walk your younger students to and from classic the upstairs studio.  The studio opens 15 minutes before the first class and closes after the end of the last class.  If you drop off and pick up, please be timely out of consideration for our staff.

Your child needs to be able to use the bathroom on their own.  A staff member will escort them down the hallway to the restrooms (in our upstairs facility).  Staff will make sure that your child washes their hands, but can not help with other restroom needs.   Please have your child use the restroom before leaving the house.

Shoes worn outside are not permitted on our dance floors.  It damages the floors.  Additionally, dance shoes are not to be worn outside, as it damages the shoes, and our floor, the next time they are worn in class.

Water bottles are encouraged, but no other liquids are allowed in class unless health reasons exist.  Food is not to be brought into the dance space.  Please clean up your own garbage and help us keep the studio and bathroom areas clean.