Youth Ballet


We are proud to present an annual full-length ballet performance!  Students enrolled in our ballet program participate in this annual event, with all leading roles danced by our own talented pre-professional students.

Past performances include Coppelia, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Cinderella, La Fille Mal Gardee, and Alice in Wonderland.

Pre-professional students in our ballet program often go on to dance professionally, in college, on Broadway, or become professional teachers or studio owners themselves.

The Nutcracker:  Cast List

Party Scene:  Act I


Clara:  Maddy Johnson

Fritz (Clara’s brother):  David Gilman

Drosselmeyer:  TBA

Drosselmeyer’s friend/Nutcracker Prince:  Blaine Stabe

Clara’s friends:  Kristina Esposito with Ava Ruggiero and Abi Salloum

Ballerina Doll:  Amelia Ruggiero

Jester Doll:  Kennedy Harkins

Party Guests:  CLASSES:  Intro to Ballet, Ballet A, Ballet C, Ballet D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Adult Party Guests:  TBA

Mouse King:  David Gilman

Mice:  Lily Cox, Madison Denton, Sofia Forlano, Anya Pillai, Julia Rose


Snow:  Featuring as Snow Queen:  Amelia Ruggiero

With:  Ayla Albright, Maddie Anthony, Julie Cotza, Catie Cox, Daniella DeMarco, Charlotte Greene, Ela Lyons, Kristina Esposito, Ava Ruggiero, Abi Salloum, Kennedy Harkins


Land of the Sweets:  Act 2


Angels:  Ballet B

Spanish Variation:  Featuring Charlotte Greene

With:  Maddie Anthony, Ela Lyons

Russian Variation:  Featuring Ava Ruggiero

With:  Ayla Albright, Catie Cox, Daniella DeMarco, Bridget Puma, Caroline Riverso, Avery Tenny

Chinese Variation:  Featuring Julie Cotza

With:  Lily Cox, Madison Denton, Sofia Forlano, David Gilman, Anya Pillai, Julia Rose


Kendall Pugliese, Bridget Puma, Caroline Riverso, Avery Tenny

Arabian Variation:  Featuring Abi Salloum

With:  Ayla Albright, Maddie Anthony, Daniella DeMarco, Ela Lyons

Mirlitons:  Featuring Kristina Esposito

With:  Catie Cox, Julie Cota, Charlotte Greene, Kennedy Harkins, Amelia Ruggiero, Abi Salloum, Ava Ruggiero

Waltz of the Flowers:  Featuring as Dew Drop:  Kennedy Harkins

            Demi Flowers:  Julie Cotza, Catie Cox, Charlotte Greene

With:  Ayla Albright, Maddie Anthony, Daniella DeMarco, Ela Lyons, Kristina Esposito, Amelia Ruggiero, Ava Ruggiero, Abi Salloum


Repertory Ballet Company 2021-2022

Petite Company:

Lily Cox

Madison Denton

Sofia Forlano

David Gilman

Anya Pillai

Julia Rose

            Understudies:  Braelyn Gianuzzi, Emily Faust


Junior Company:

Kendall Pugliese

Bridget Puma

Caroline Riverso

Avery Tenny


Intermediate Company:

Ayla Albright

Maddie Anthony

Julie Cotza

Catie Cox

Daniella DeMarco

Charlotte Greene

Ela Lyons


Senior Company:

Kristina Esposito

Kennedy Harkins

Madelyn Johnson

Amelia Ruggiero

Ava Ruggiero

Abi Salloum

Blaine Stabe

Understudies:  Julie Cotza, Catie Cox, Charlotte Greene


Congratulations to all!

See Dance Company page for Dance Company placements.


Sleeping Beauty, the ballet