Youth Ballet

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned.  Your effort, enthusiasm, and dedication is greatly appreciated.  Additional costume forms have been mailed.

Peter Pan Cast List

Mrs. Darling: Angelica Kucmierowski

Mr. Darling: Blaine Stabe

Wendy Darling: Catherine Stabe

John Darling: Jhanai Scott

Michael Darling: Charlotte Bartush

Peter Pan: Jessica Cerreta

Tinkerbell: Danielle Cavaccini

Shadow: Kennedy Harkins

Captain Hook: Blaine Stabe


          Smee: Abigail Salloum

          and: Kennedy Harkins and Madelyn Johnson with Kristina Esposito,        Angelica Kucmierowski, Amelia Ruggiero, and Ava Ruggiero

Croc: Angelica Kucmierowski

Lost Boys: Kristina Esposito and Amelia Ruggiero with Juliana Cotza, Catie Cox, Nora Folkes, Evelyn Gilman, Jennifer Garufi, Charlotte Greene, Allison Muia, Angelina Neils, Ava Ruggiero, and Abigail Salloum

Tiger Lily: Madelyn Johnson

Indians: Kennedy Harkins and Angelica Kucmierowski with Catie Cox, Nora Folkes, Jennifer Garufi, Charlotte Greene, Allison Muia, Angelina Neils

Indian understudies: Sophia Aulogia, Grace Concepcion, Olivia Concepcion

Jane (Wendy’s Daughter): Catie Cox


Petite Ballet: Fairies

Monday Ballet A: Butterflies

Tuesday Ballet A: Flowers

Ballet B: Pirates

Ballet C: Lost Boys

Ballet D: Mermaids


2019-2020 HRPAC Repertory Company

Congratulations to all who auditioned!  I appreciate your hard work and dedication! Please sign and return your company contracts ASAP, and register for your required summer sessions.  Please see the office or Lisa with questions.

Senior Company

Charlotte Bartush, Danielle Cavaccini, Jessica Ceretta, Kennedy Harkins, Madelyn Johnson, Abi Salloum, Jhanai Scott, Blaine Stabe, Catherine Stabe 

Understudies:  Kristina Esposito, Angelica Kucmierowski, Amelia Ruggiero


Intermediate Company

Catie Cox, Kristina Esposito, Angelica Kucmierowski, Allison Muia, Amelia Ruggiero, Ava Ruggiero

Understudies: Nora Folkes, Angelina Neils

Junior Company: Nora Folkes, Jennifer Garufi, Evelyn Gilman, Charlotte Greene, Angelina Neils

Understudies: Grace Concepcion, Olivia Concepcion, Isabella DeNault


We are proud to present an annual full-length ballet performance!  Students enrolled in our ballet program participate in this annual event, with all leading roles danced by our own talented pre-professional students.

Past performances include Coppelia, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Cinderella, La Fille Mal Gardee, and Alice in Wonderland.

Pre-professional students in our ballet program often go on to dance professionally, in college, on Broadway, or become professional teachers or studio owners themselves.

Sleeping Beauty, the ballet